Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

In just two years, BT will be ‘switching off’ the standard phone network in the UK. Two years will go by quickly. It doesn’t seem long ago we were discussing vaccine options, what order ‘hands, face & space’ went in, and the Suez canal being blocked by the Ever Given container ship. But that was all in 2021.

A lot can happen in two years. We become overwhelmed with world news, politics, economics. Even Sam Smith’s trousers contribute to our collective sensory overload.

Planning ahead is probably a good idea – especially where one of your company’s main communication channels is concerned. So let’s see if we can impart some knowledge which will prove as useful as a bicycle tyre repair kit at the Brit Awards.

With a lot of hype and misinformation surrounding VoIP as a telecoms solution, it is understandable that people are wary. But it is your best bet when it comes to a long-term telecoms solution.

There are many reasons why moving your telecoms over to VoIP should be something to run toward, not away from. It gives a variety of features and functions that can add to your company. Unless you are large enough to hire dedicated IT and telecoms staff, these may have been seen as being beyond you pre-VoIP.

You can have an IVR menu, to put callers through to the relevant departments (or you can use an IVR menu to appear as if you have different departments).

With the ability to seamlessly transfer between workers, use an ordinary PC or laptop as a phone, and issue Direct Dial numbers, you can present your company as having a central office (or indeed, an office at all). The prevalence of Remote Work has made this more common, but some companies have been doing this for many years.

BT confirmed the date for switching off the traditional phone system in the UK not long ago. This means that the copper-wire phone system which links a telephone to a switchboard will be redundant. In reality, it probably has been for a while, as most of now associate the ‘phone line’, or analogue line, with our fibre or broadband connection.

It will also mean a few other changes. For instance, all phone calls not made by mobile phone will have to be made over VoIP.

So making the change sooner rather than later could be your best bet. You can make the change work for you. Why not get ahead of the game, rather than playing catch up at the last minute?

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