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Grandstream is consistently recognized in the VoIP industry for the innovation, affordability, and superior value of their products. Grandstream is known for their IP phones, video conferencing devices, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6 APs, on-premises IP PBXs and cloud-based services, business security devices, and facility management solutions. 

Over the past several years, Grandstream’s portfolio of products has been gradually widening, including their networking solutions portfolio. 

Through the years, you may have come to know and follow Grandstream’s progression, growth, and innovation as they’ve introduced new VoIP hardware, and not only changed the industry but the lives of those who have used and depended on their products. 

In fact, I bet they’ve touched and changed your professional life so much that when you think of the years-long journey you’ve taken with Grandstream, you can’t help but to equate that warmth and sentimental feeling to the way the lyrics of a particular, soulful, well-known Kenny Rogers tune makes you feel when it starts to play on the radio. And yes, through the years, Grandstream has never let you down, they’ve turned your life around.

As you’ve gone through this journey with Grandstream, I bet chances are awfully good (don’t worry, we’re not going down the Johnny Mathis path again here….just borrowing a phrase. Let’s call it a callback!) that you’ve traveled with VoIP Supply. You’ve visited our website to learn about, and purchase, the next-generation VoIP hardware offered by Grandstream.

And the trip continues as VoIP Supply is constantly updating our website, adding the newest products provided by Grandstream. 

Grandstream has withstood the test of time and is here to stay. And similar to Kenny Rogers, who transformed and expanded his brand by not only turning out memorable, multi-genre music but also putting out a flavorful rotisserie chicken, Grandstream continues to expand upon and diversify their product offerings. 

Grandstream proved their commitment to growth and innovation earlier this year when they introduced the new Grandstream GWN7800 Series of switches. Following this successful series, Grandstream released their much anticipated next series of switches, the GWN7700 Series of Unmanaged Network Switches.

The switches in the GWN7700 series are unmanaged network switches that provide a quick and cost-effective way to add high-speed Gigabit connectivity to homes, home offices, and small-to-medium businesses. These switches are plug-and-play, require no configuration or installation, offer a desktop and wall-mountable design, and provide auto MDI/MDIX to eliminate the need for crossover cables. 

By offering plug-and-play capability and a wide range of models that provide the best solution for every need, the GWN7700 Series of switches make it easy to provide network connection and power to any area of a small-to-medium-sized office, a home office, or a home.

Small to medium businesses can utilize the GWN7700 Series to expand their office network. 

Home offices can utilize the GWN7700 Series to provide network connection and power to critical devices required to keep all the devices within a home office connected, including computers, laptops, desktop phones, routers, Wi-Fi APs, and more.

Home or residential complexes can utilize the GWN7700 Series as network switches for smart home, security, and home automation installations.

The Grandstream GWN7700 Series includes two models, the GWN7700 and GWN7701. Each model offers a non-PoE and PoE version. The PoE models provide ports with IEEE 802.3af/at compliant, smart dynamic PoE output to power IP phones, IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and other PoE endpoints.

The GWN7700 model consists of two switches, the GWN7700 and GWN7700P, with one switch being non-PoE and the other being PoE. 

Key features of the Non-PoE model (GWN7700):

5 Gigabit ports10Gbps Gbps Switching Capacity1.7W Max PoE Power

Key features of the PoE model (GWN7700P):

4 PoE PortsUp to 30 W on Each Port, Total 60W Power Budget10Gbps Gbps Switching Capacity

The GWN7701 model consists of three total switches, the GWN7701, the GWN7701P, and the GWN7701PA, with one switch being non-PoE and the other two being PoE switches that contain different numbers of PoE Ports. 

Key features of the Non-PoE model (GWN7701):

8 Gigabit ports16Gbps Gbps Switching Capacity2.7W Max PoE Power

Key features of the PoE model (GWN7701P):

4 PoE PortsUp to 30 W on Each Port, Total 60W Power Budget16Gbps Gbps Switching Capacity

Key features of the PoE model (GWN7701PA):

8 PoE PortsUp to 30 W on Each Port, Total 145W Power Budget16Gbps Gbps Switching Capacity

Visit VoIP Supply’s Grandstream page to learn more about Grandstream’s new GWN7700 series of Unmanaged Network Switches.

If you’re looking for more information or have more questions, give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 or reach out to us at

Now that you’ve learned about the technical capabilities of the GWN7700 Series of Unmanaged Network Switches, their key features, deployment scenarios, and other important information, you are ready to deploy these devices. Once you’ve deployed these switches, please leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences. 

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